To obtain access to any of the deliverables, please contact with the research project leaders: José Domingo Álvarez ( or Manuel Pérez (

  • D0.1: First annual report.
  • D0.2: Second annual report.
  • D0.3: Third annual report.
  • D1.1: Report about the modelling paradigm used to model the main elements of the building and the creation of their digital twin.
  • D1.2: User manual of both the libraries created for each one of the elements, and the digital twin.
  • D3.1: List of experiments to carry out.
  • D3.2: Report about the economic MPC controllers developed to manage the microgrid.
  • D3.3: Report about the developed MPC controllers that integrate the use of the electric vehicle in the microgrid.
  • D4.1: Website of the project.
  • D4.2: Minimum of 15 international conferences and 10 journals papers of high impact factor.